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I started off as a historian, but the questions I was mostly interested in were related to voting behavior: Why do people vote? How do voters decide which party to vote for? How do people form political attitudes? Why do some issues dominate elections over others?

After several brief attempts of understanding political attitudes in Romania -- as a campaign volunteer in the 1996 presidential election, a field interviewer with Daedalus and Gallup survey companies, and a chairmanship position at an election precint in the 2000 presidential elections -- I decided to transition to political science to find my own answers to the questions mentioned above.

My academic journey took me over a variety of different political and cultural contexts including Romania, France, Belgium, Czech Republic, and the United States (Florida, North Carolina, and Illinois).

Full vitae can be accessed here.

Academic Appointments

Teaching Instructor, National Louis University, Undergraduate College (2020)

Country Expert, Romania and France, Varieties of Democracy V-DEM Project (2020)

Teaching Assistant Professor, East Carolina University, Department of Political Science (2016-2019)

Director, Prague Study Abroad Program, East Carolina University and Anglo-American University (2017-2019)

Postdoctoral Researcher, Institute of Political Studies, Department of International Relations, Charles University (2015-2016)

Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Florida, Department of Political Science (2013-2014)

Teaching Instructor, Center for European Studies, University of Florida (2012-2013)

Additional Training in Political Methodology

Behavioral Models of Politics, University of Pittsburgh, 2016. Workshops: Stochastic Modeling and Incentivized Experiments.

Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR), University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, 2008. Courses: Regression Analysis, Panel Data, Event History Analysis, Survival Analysis, Multilevel Analysis, and Math for Social Science.

Fellowships/Awards (selected)

International Visegrad Grant. A three-year University Studies Grant received to develop and teach a new course at East Carolina Univerity, titled Visegrad in the 21st Century (PI, with Dr. Krishnan as Director) (18,503 Euro) (2017-2020)

GESIS EUROLAB. A one-month research visit in Cologne, Germany (950 Euro, and housing) (2017)

National Science Foundation I-Cubed. Innovation through Institutional Integration (PI, with Drs. Ji Young Kim and Juliana Fernandes) ($2500) (2011)

Haas Fund Fellowship. European Union Studies Association ($1500) (2011)

Clogg Scholarship. Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR) Ann Arbor, Summer Program ($4,400) (2008)


PhD, Department of Political Science, University of Florida, Dec 2012

MA in Political Science, Department of Political Science, University of Florida, 2008

MA in International Relations, Department of History, University of Bucharest, 2003

BA, Department of History, University of Bucharest, 1999