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Peer-reviewed publications

Petia Kostadinova, Magda Giurcanu. 2018. "Capturing the legislative priorities of transnational Europarties and the European Commision: A Pledge Approach", European Union Politics, 19(2): forthcoming.

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Magda Giurcanu. 2015. "Assessing the Role of European Attitudes in Cross-National Electoral Research: Does the Post-Communist Context Matter?" East European Politics & Societies and Cultures May 2015 29: 504-518.

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Non peer-reviewed publications

Magda Giurcanu. 2017 Book Review of Trouble of the Far Right. Contemporary Right-Wing Strategies and Practices in Europe, Maik Fielitz and Laura Lotte Laloire (eds) in East European Politics , 33(4): 572-573.

Magda Giurcanu. 2012 "Europe at Stake during First European Parliament Elections Organized in an Enlarged Europe" in Susan Banducci, Mark Franklin, Heiko Giebbler, Sara Hobolt, Michael Marsh, Wouter van der Brug, and Cees van der Eijk (Eds), An Audit of Democracy in the European Union, European University Institute, 123-146.

Magda Giurcanu. 2011 Book Review of European Parliament Elections after Eastern Enlargement, Hermann Schmidt (ed.): Routledge 2010 in EUSA Review, 24 (2): Spring.

Under Review

Magda Giurcanu and Kenneth Wald. "Religion and Voting in the United States, 1990-2012" book chapter to be featured in Religious Voting in Western Europe, Jose Ramon Montero, Paolo Segatti, Kerman Calvo (eds.), revised and resubmitted.

In Preparation

Magda Giurcanu. "Vote Choices and Attitudes towards the European Union: Evidence from the First Europe-wide Elections for the European Parliament in Romania".

Magda Giurcanu and Mihai Giurcanu. "Voters' Uncertainty in Cross-national Research”.

Magda Giurcanu. "European Union Politicization and the Democratic Deficit: Why European Parliament Elections Matter".

Magda Giurcanu. "The Emergence of Anti-European Union Parties: Strategic Calculations and European Union Debates".