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East Carolina University

Undergraduate Courses

Introduction to Comparative Politics (Winter 2016)

Introduction to International Relations (Winter 2016)

Charles University

Graduate Courses

Applied Statistics (Spring 2016)

EU Democracy, Elections, and Opinions (Winter 2015)

University of Florida

Graduate Courses

Political Data Analysis Fall 2013

Undegraduate Courses

The European Union Foreign Policy (Summer 2015)

Politics under Authoritarianism (Spring 2014)

Research Methods (Spring 2014), (Fall 2013)

East European Politics (Spring 2013), (Fall 2011), (Spring 2011)

Europe from a Social Science Perspective (Fall 2012)

Intro to Comparative Politics (Summer 2012)

The Politics and Institutions of the European Union (Summer 2012)

EU Elections and Opinions (Spring 2012)

Study Abroad Programs

UF in Prague. Czech Republic (Summer 2016): East European Politics (Anglo-American University) (Summer 2016). Visits organized at Radio Free Europe, Czech Parliament, and Museum of Communism.

UF in Brussels, Belgium (co-instructor): EU in the World @ Vesalius College (Summer 2014) & (Summer 2015). Visits organized at the European Commission, the Council of the EU, the European Parliament, the Parlamentarium, the European Economic and Social Committee, and the European External Action Service (EEAS).

UF in Jamaica. EU Foreign Development in the Caribean (co-director; program developed but not launched). (Jamaica 2014).